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TOPIC atoz
" black people don't play that shit" 1
#pottypolice 1
100 cigarettes 1
15 year old boy peeing onto people from a ride at the amusement park 1
16 toes 1
16 would be a high 8 1
4 palms and no fucking thumbs 1
@mikemcgintyface on twitter 1
A couple was trying to sell this girls' virginity 1
A crime is a crime regardless of the legality of a substance 1
A sexual predator would have committed their crime anyway 1
A transgendered woman does not want to go into the bathroom and helicopter their cock around 1
About to give my thoughts on transgender bathroom issue 1
Advice to dog fuckers 1
Africa Bambatta allegedly a serial molester 1
All are welcome here 1
Am I crazy for thinking the airline didn't do anything wrong 1
Another daily news fuck up 1
Another dog sex story 1
Another funny line 1
Anti-Discrimination Law 1
Any ideas for the show 1
Asking Flash if I should read the dog sex story 1
BYE periscope 1
Baby in China with 15 fingers 1
Blazing through these stories 1
Boy with 34 fingers and toes 1
Break it down and realize that the chances of something occurring like that are so small 1
Breast feeding is not a sexual thing 1
But don't explain it and just say that you want to cut off this kids' fingers 1
Check that shit out 1
Checking my calendar 1
Chewing and talking 1
Chewing that shit 1
Clapping for this woman that looks like a man 1
Creep shots 1
Crutches and catch phrases 1
Daily news I'm here for you 1
Direct your attention to where women are really being assaulted 1
Do they usually throw peanuts around joyfully? 1
Do you know how many rapes go unreported? 1
Do you know many many rapes are unprosecuted 1
Dogs them size 1
Doing the kicked off the plane for a peanut allergy story 1
Doing the story about the baby with lots of fingers and toes 1
Don't be so brazen 1
Don't get it twisted 1
Don't isolate this audio 1
Donald Trump presumptive republican nominee 1
Down the hatch 1
Family kicked off of plane for a peanut allergy 1
Fast food restaurants all had playgrounds 1
Fear and entire groups 1
Fear and misunderstanding of other people 1
Fear is driving this debate 1
Feet sniffer story 1
Fiscal conservatism and socially liberlism 1
Flash covers your ears 1
Flash is a consultant on this show 1
Foot fetish 1
Found the clip 1
Francesa Vs. Hockey player 1
Funny ideas that one should never do 1
Funny in theory 1
Getting a phone call 1
Getting more people involved in the show 1
Give it a chance 1
Give me a high 8 1
Go down to the kennel with sweat pants and an erection 1
Going to the well AGAIN! 1
Going to the well with the same joke again 1
Good Neighbor Policy 1
Good news for The libertarian party and Gary Johnson 1
Guy on twitter that wanted me to go after a daily news reporter 1
Having trouble getting it up ( The battery ) 1
He could make a young lady very happy with his 15 fingers 1
He is disturbing me 1
He is mentally ill 1
He said she looked like a man 1
He seemed to enjoy my bullshit 1
He was making sure his mother was safe 1
He was with his parents' 1
He wrote that he wants to get mounted by the dog 1
He's the asshole 1
Hilarious line in the story 1
His ad said he was looking for a " big dog to mess around with" 1
His hunting round is the library 1
His name is Sara? 1
His villain name is the foot fondler 1
Hong Hong's mother has six fingers and toes 1
How can I go wrong with a foot fetish story 1
I already want another cigarette 1
I am comfortable in my sexuality 1
I am coming to life 1
I am way too self-critical 1
I bet this didn't make her feel too good 1
I can't find my charger 1
I could be wrong 1
I didn't put as much effort into going through an old show 1
I do not take the stance of any party 1
I don't get it but I support you 1
I don't get the foot fetish 1
I don't know enough about non-gender individuals 1
I don't know if the show has been good today 1
I don't support fucking dogs 1
I don't think it's a big deal 1
I don't think the airline did anything wrong 1
I feel the way I feel 1
I hate to side with them but I understand this 1
I hear these sickos put peanut butter on their genitals for the dog to lick off 1
I like her voice 1
I like to say outrageous shit that I would never do 1
I needed to deal with some shit 1
I played Ellie Goulding 1
I really do want another cigarette 1
I receive a text 1
I remember when hotels all had diving boards 1
I should listen to the characters 1
I smell a gofundme 1
I suck 1
I support the mother 1
I sympathize with the family 1
I think a Trans woman would be much more at risk going into the men's room 1
I think it's silly for a community that has had their own struggles not supporting the gay community 1
I think my mother had something to do with that 1
I think the transgender individuals should be able to go into the bathroom they identify with 1
I took last week off 1
I was stressing and a bit depressed 1
I will edit these stories for you 1
I will keep you all updated on the search for my charger 1
I will turn it around! 1
I would support a young woman that wanted to sell her virginity 1
I'm back and ready to go 1
I'm fat 1
I'm going to say fuck a lot 1
I'm guessing there is more to this story 1
I'm not doing any youtube videos because nobody watches that shit 1
If he was going 40 miles an hour I think he got some splash back 1
If not leave it alone 1
If one think a sex crime may occur okay then 1
If they did it the way I said then I understand that 1
If you don't like country music I will see you next time 1
If you don't like it don't listen 1
Ill prepared 1
Imagining what his ad may have said 1
Instead of worrying about which bathroom people are using 1
Interviewing some of the people that were pissed on in the article 1
It does not make me a bleeding heart to say that 1
It is not all though 1
It makes me shake my ass 1
It received mixed comments 1
It would be funny to observe 1
It's cold 1
It's not the laws 1
It's over-done 1
It's very difficult to change people's opinions on issues like this 1
Japanese interment camps 1
Jess's intro to my show 1
Jim Norton standing below with his mouth open 1
Judge kicks breast feeding mother out of court 1
Judgemental shit by people that claim to be non-judgemental 1
Just let the person go to the bathroom you fucking asshole 1
Leave people alone and stop fear mongering 1
Lebron DMing Instagram 1
Let's take a trip to youtube 1
Let's talk about this kid pissing on people 1
Look up Baley Jay 1
Looking for a sound clip 1
Looking through an old show 1
Loser trolls on periscope 1
Lot's of dog sex stories lately 1
Lucinda Williams for the outro 1
Man follows woman into the bathroom to check her gender 1
Man follows woman into the bathroom to make sure she's a woman 1
Man poisoning food in Whole foods 1
Man that was on Craig's list trying to fuck dogs 1
Mancow 1
Many things may have played into that 1
Maybe I will invite her on to promote it 1
Maybe my April fools gag was prophetic 1
Maybe that's where the focus should be 1
McGinty podcast 1
Men molest boys all the time and that's an issue 1
Men that can't separate that 1
Mentally retarded is factually accurate 1
Mike Francesa 1
Mike and the Mad dog 1
More fear mongering by a politician 1
More people are Libertarian than they realize 1
Most of them! 1
Most people wouldn't even know 1
Most transgendered woman dress far more feminine 1
Most woman with penises are not going into the bathroom to committed a crime 1
My energy is growing 1
My friend Haley was going to do the intro 1
My house is a little messy right now 1
My lack of focus on the show 1
My son coming home " sick " yesterday 1
My son was not interested 1
up-solid down-solid